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New 83 Tinter Kapci Solvent Basecoat Scheme REPLACEMENT tins.

For use with the Kapci Solvent Basecoat Scheme only.

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New 83 Tinter Kapci Solvent Basecoat Scheme REPLACEMENT tins.

For use with the Kapci Solvent Basecoat Scheme only.


Formula software with live updates can be downloaded here


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B0100 Binder, B010 White, B010 White Super, B011 Transparent Bluish White, B012 Strong White, B110 Metallic Fine, B111 Metallic Silver Dollar Fine, B120 Metallic Fine Sparkling, B130 Metallic Extra Fine, B132 Metallic Extra Fine Bright, B140 Metallic Medium Coarse, B150 Metallic Medium Coarse Brilliant, B151 Metallic Silver Dollar Med Coarse, B152 Metallic Medium Coarse Bright, B160 Metallic Extra Coarse (Brilliant), B161 Metallic Silver Dollar Ex Coarse, B162 Metallic Extra Coarse (Bright), B170 Metallic Coarse, B180 Metallic Medium Coarse, B200 Binder, Drying Enhancer, B220 Light Chrome Yellow, B222 Opaque Reddish Yellow, B223 Medium Chrome Yellow, B224 Transparent Reddish Yellow, B225 Transparent Greenish Yellow, B226 Transparent Yellow Oxide, B227 Transparent Bright Yellow, B229 Opaque Bright Yellow, B230 Oxide Yellow, B390 Mixing Black, B392 Jet Black, B393 Deep Black, B456 Transparent Violet, B471 Transparent Blue, B472 Transparent Bright Blue, B473 Transparent Violet Blue, B474 Transparent Dark Blue, B475 Transparent Reddish Blue, B476 Transparent Greenish Blue, B477 Transparent Deep Greenish Blue, B632 Transparent Oxide Red, B640 Opaque Orange Red, B641 Transparent Scarlet Red, B644 Opaque Orange, B650 Oxide Red, B651 Semi Transparent Bluish Red, B652 Transparent Maroon, B653 Transparent Violet Red, B654 Transparent Red Violet, B655 Brilliant Red, B656 Opaque Ultra Bright Red, B657 Transparent Red Brown, B658 Transparent Red Maroon, B659 Opaque Bright Red, B707 Flip Flop Adjuster, B760 Transparent Bluish Green, B763 Transparent Yellowish Green, B910 Pearl White Extra Fine, B915 Pearl White Fine, B916 Pearl White Medium Coarse, B920 Pearl Blue Coarse, B925 Pearl Blue Fine, B930 Pearl Gold Medium Coarse, B935 Pearl Yellow Gold, B936 Pearl Red Gold, B940 Pearl Yellowish Red, B942 Pearl Red Fine, B943 Pearl Red Green, B945 Pearl Brown Red Medium Coarse, B946 Pearl Brown Red Fine, B950 Pearl Light Red, B951 Pearl Copper Red, B960 Pearl Lilac, B970 Pearl Bright Green, B972 Pearl Light Green, B975 Pearl Green, B976 Pearl Bluish Green, B977 Pearl Blue Green, B979 Pearl Graphite Black

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