Multi-Mix Professional Polishing System Kit

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Multi-Mix Professional Polishing System Kit

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To compliment our range of paints we have now added a polishing system to our range.

This polishing system is uniquely designed to our specification and also manufactured in the UK for us.

This Polishing system contains good quality ingredients making sure that your time polishing is as easy as possible. Of course, non of the old fashioned “fillers” are in these compounds making polishing a single time process without having to deal with any gloss drop after washing or over time.


This is a fast cutting compound that can remove P1500 – P2000 abrasive easily. This is a thick compund, a small pea sized amount of compound is sufficient enough to polish corectly. Full application instructions are on the bottle.


This is a great final finishing compound which has a fine grade cutting abrasive to remove swirl marks giving a smooth glass like finish. Can be used with rotary or Dual Action polishing machines.

The Polishing kit comes with 

X1 Cutting compound 1KG

X1 Finishing compound 1KG

X1 Cutting pad

X1 Finishing Pad

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