Q1® Double Sided Sanding Sponges Microfine x 10

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  • Features & benefits
    • Cutting edge technology for an innovative working experience during manual sanding
    • A special grits formula that allows a longer lasting
    • A smoother abrasion that avoids high deterioration
    • A 13mm foam sponge that guarantees perfect adaptation to the hand and to the surface
    • 3 grades 3 colors for an easy usage
    • Designed for hard-to-reach areas, curved surfaces or corners
    • Aluminium oxide grit, ideal for machining high-strength materials
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Q1® Double Sided Sanding Sponges offer an innovative working
experience during hand sanding. The pads are coated both sided
and can be used on wet or dry. The innovative abrasive formula
combines 3 different grifts, this allows a smoother abrasion,
prevents high deterioration and provides a longer lasting product.
Q1® Sanding sponges have 3 different colours according to the
grade of abrasion which makes them easily distinguishable during
the sanding process.
Violet-coloured Pad MICROFINE is thought for light cleaning,
blending, finishing, polishing and preparing surfaces for paint or
other coatings. Grit 1000-1200-1500


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