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3M™ PPS™ Cup & Collar, Mini, 170 ml, 16115

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3M™ PPS™ Cup & Collar, Mini, 170 ml, 16115


3M™ PPS™ Cup & Collar is a component set used with the 3M™ Paint Preparation System (PPS™). These items are hard plastic cups and collars that provide support for 3M™ PPS™ flexible liners. Our cups and collars are available in various sizes to match your needs for your paint sprayer. Unlike conventional paint cup systems, our 3M™ PPS™ eliminates the need for mixing paint in additional paint mix cups and then transferring the paint through a separate filter into a paint reservoir. This is an important advantage because product waste occurs every time that an auto body technician transfers paint through mixing cups and filters. With PPS™, you place the disposable liner within the re-usable PPS™ Cup. Then simply mix the paint in the PPS™ disposable liner, snap the disposable lid (with the pre-welded filter) in place and attach the locking collar to complete the PPS™ System. With just these few simple steps, you’re ready to start spraying.

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3M™ PPS™ Cup & Collar, Mini, 170 ml, 16115


  • Details
    • Hard cups and collars support liners for the 3M™ Paint Preparation System, PPS™
    • 3M™ PPS™ is an all-in-one disposable solution for measuring, mixing, filtering, and spraying of paint materials
    • System enables the painter the ability to consistently spray at 90° to the part, no matter the part orientation (even upside down)
    • 3M™ PPS™ has the ability to reduce solvents by up to 70% from traditional gravity cups, and up to 90% with PPS and 3M Accuspray

    Use our hard 3M™ PPS™ Cup & Collar range to support and hold 3M™ PPS™ flexible liners in the Paint Preparation System (PPS™). It’s available in four sizes and allows the painter to measure, mix filter and spray paint materials easily.

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