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DV1 CLEARCOAT Spray Gun and Cup Kit and Digital Gauge

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DV1 CLEARCOAT Spray Gun and Cup Kit and Digital Gauge

PARTICLE SIZE – Consistently achieves a narrow color window for the closest color matching.
TURBULENCE CONTROL – New advanced fluid tip design reduces turbulence, minimising mottling/clouding.
OPERATOR CONTROL – A new combined air inlet and air control valve with 12 x higher precision sensitivity for smoother air control.
TRANSFER EFFICIENCY– Reduced air pressure resulting in improved spray pattern control, atomisation consistency and improved transfer efficiency.
CONSISTENT ATOMIZATION – The DV1 air caps, with advanced internal geometry, result in a perfectly balanced, consistent spray pattern for a perfect finish.

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DV1 CLEARCOAT Spray Gun and Cup Kit and Digital Gauge

The DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun is the latest addition to the DV1 family of revolutionary spray guns designed for specific applications.

If the DV1 looks different, that’s because it is. Very different, in fact everything is new.

  • New ergonomics
  • New air cap design
  • New fluid technology
  • New co-axial air valve design

The DV1 Clearcoat introduces a step change in atomisation by optimizing the air velocity while maximising fluid flow at the same time. This delivers higher applications speeds at lower pressures, enhancing the overall productivity and efficiency of the gun.

Easy to use

Easy to set-up and easy to use – painters of all levels are able to move quickly and efficiently while replicating nearly any finish virtually effortlessly.

Transfer Efficiency

Less is more with less waste (and less reworks) With the DV1, sprayers will use less materials and save more time.

Less Noise

Less blast means less noise. Thanks to advancements in the DV1 design, the efficiencies in this spray gun translate to a quieter application experience from a soft sprayging gun, ultimately making it more enjoyable to use.

Air Stabilization

Reduction of chaotic energy at the apex of atomisation produces a more even, stable and consistent spray fan to produce the glass like clearcoat finish painters know and love.

Improved Spray Pattern

The DV1 Clearcoat offers the most refined spray pattern yet. With tight, neat edges, flat sides and a flat bottom and top, the spray pattern optimises the sprayer’s efforts, minimising the required overlap and number of passes a painter must make to lay the perfect finish.

More Control

The DV1 Clearcoat provides painters the ability to produce a consistent overall finish across the whole work area – with minimal effort – while also experiencing a noticeable sense of more control of the spraying process.

Additional information

Weight 2.1 kg

1.2mm C1+, 1.3mm C1+, 1.4mm C1+, 1.2mm C2+, 1.3mm C2+

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