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Evercoat OPTEX and EVERGLASS Twin Pack

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Evercoat OPTEX and EVERGLASS Twin Pack

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Evercoat OPTEX and EVERGLASS Twin Pack


Short strand, fiberglass reinforced body filler. High strength, high build and waterproof which makes it excellent for repairing holes, rusted metal, body seams and shattered fiberglass. Contains ZNX-7® for superior adhesion and corrosion resistance to bare steel, galvanized steel and aluminium. Blue cream hardener included.

Material Reinforced body filler

Cream hardener (blue)

Colour Dark green

Applied thickness (max) 6mm

Working time 5 -6 mins

Drying time 10 – 15 mins

VOC 42g/l


It is easy to apply and virtually eliminates pinholes.
Optex has excellent adhesion to sanded body filler, steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, E-Coat, SMC, fibreglass, cured sanded 2k primer and many other substrates.
Rage Optex premium body filler changes from pink to light green letting the user know it is properly catalysed.
Rage Optex can be applied directly over sanded OEM clearcoats.

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Weight 2.1 kg

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